Antiseborrhoeic Pack: 1.3 + 1.1 + 1.4

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They help to regulate the excess of sebaceous secretion, delaying the appearance of fat.

  • Gentle exfoliating effect
  • Regulates the activity of the sebaceous gland.
  • Normalizes the natural balance of the scalp.
  • Anti-inflammatory effect.
  • A silky, supple and lightweight hair is achieved.

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This pack is composed of the following products:

1.3 Dixidox de Luxe Peeling 200ml


Deep cleanses the scalp.
Seborregulatory effect.
Eliminates hyperkeratosis
Prevents hair loss

How to use
Apply the creamy formula on wet hair and scalp and gently massage with special emphasis on the scalp. Combing the hair several a. Leave to act between 5 and 15 minutes. Rinse with plenty of water. For best results, wash the hair with Dixidox de Luxe Shampoo for Greasy Hair. Then apply Dixidox de Luxe Greasy Hair Lotion. It is highly recommended to use Dixidox de Luxe Exfoliating once a week or as recommended by the specialist.

Presentation: 200 ml

1.1 Dixidox de Luxe 200ml Antiseborrhoeic Shampoo

Regulates the sebaceous secretion.
Anti-inflammatory and antipruritic effect.
Prevents the appearance of dandruff and reduces hair loss.
Avoid the rebound effect.

Presentation 200 ml.

How to use
This antiseborrhoeic shampoo can be used daily or on alternate days.
Apply to damp hair and massage to create foam.
Leave on 2 to 5 minutes.
Rinse with plenty of water.
In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately.
It is advisable to apply the shampoo a second time if it is used less than twice a week.
For optimum results, use Dixidox de Luxe Hair Shampoo after applying Dixidox de Luxe Exfoliator at least once a week.
It is advisable to apply Dixidox de Luxe Greasy Hair Lotion after the shampoo or as recommended by the specialist.

1.4 Dixidox de Luxe Antiseborrhoeic Lotion 100ml

Regulates and prevents excess seborrhea.
Rebalances the scalp.
Prevents the appearance of dandruff and reduces hair loss.
Indicated for oily scalps, with greasy dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis.

It contains a high concentration of plant extracts, vitamins and anti-seborrheic active ingredients.

Presentation: 100 ml

How to use
Shake before using. Apply to dry or wet scalp massaging until completely absorbed. It is advisable not to wash the hair immediately after using the lotion to let act the active ingredients on the scalp. Use the 2-3 lotion once a week after using the Dixidox Luxe Hair Shampoo or as recommended by the specialist.


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