To treat hair loss, DSD de Luxe It offers a large range of products designed to slow it down. Hair lotions are the best product for your hair loss treatment.

These come in the form of shampoos, balsams, masks and lotions. However, it should be noted that one of the most effective formats for treating hair loss and stimulating growth are undoubtedly the lotions to curb hair loss.


Hair care does not only depend on washing and combing. The reality indicates that the application of hair products that protect and provide nourishing properties to our hair is just as important as washing it. However, when choosing a hair treatment, we are faced with a very wide variety of products with different functions that can create some confusion, so in many cases we choose the products because they are attractive in appearance, without knowing in depth what they bring us or how they are applied.

For this reason, today we are going to analyze four basic types of hair cosmetics in order to clarify all the doubts related to the essential hair care: mask, conditioner, balm and serum.


How do we classify our products?

As you can see, each container of DSD de Luxe It contains a specific numbering on the front, which gives the product its name. This reference has been chosen following a logical and coherent classification order to differentiate each type of product. Next, we tell you how it works.


Are you worried about hair loss?

Hair loss is an increasingly common pathology that is a major concern in our society.



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