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Why do we trust hair care to the DSD de Luxe products?

At DSD de Luxe® our passion is to enhance hair’s beauty and health.

DSD de Luxe cosmeceuticals have therapeutic effects while bringing a sensation of pleasure and comfort that is a characteristic of high quality cosmetics.

Our innovative formulas have been enriched with active ingredients using cutting-edge technology across a range of trichologic products to help to stimulate hair growth, reduce scalp inflammation, regulate sebum secretion and improve the structure of damaged hair.

Dermatologists and biotechnologists who are involved in DSD de Luxe development products are at the forefront of advances in trichology, constantly delighting us with new formulas where the latest active ingredients which are scientifically tested and studied are ever present.

Our philosophy?

The Triumph of Total Beautiful Hair connects art, science and beauty.

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Official Leaders

DSD de Luxe Rusia
Trilogic, Ltd

DSD de Luxe Portugal
DSD de LUXE Portugal, LDA

Contact us

C/ Holanda, 44 · P.I. Pla de Llerona
08520 Les Franqueses del Vallès
Barcelona (Spain)
(+34) 93 846 74 47